Survey Task

For the survey task, I chose to talk a survey we did for International Marketing & Research. In this course, we have to write a export plan with a concept for a business to export it to another country. My group and I chose to export the Wasbar, which is a Belgian laundry combined with bar to England.

Here you can see screenshots of our survey:

Or you can have a look at it on this link:


My group chose two questions to do an analyze of.

in %

Due to the fact that our main target group are students, and especially younger people, it is important to know and to find out how we can adress them. As you can see on the graph, most of the people answered that they get informed about new bars and restaurants by social media. Therefore, we checked the social media presence of the british populatin and found out that the most popular social media networks in the UK are Facebook with 32.000.000 Users, followed by Twitter with 15.000.000 Users number three with 14.000.000 Users is Instagram.(“Most Popular Social Networks UK 2016 ‘ Social Media Ltd,” n.d.). Therefore we know, that we should advertise our new concept especially on social media sites likes Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


in %

Since our concept is originally from Belgium and there is a lot of competition on the market in England, even though there is no similar concept to this, we decided to include Belgian products to our menu to create a truely Belgian experience while doing the laundry. This will certainly gather some people who are interested in the Belgian cuisine in our new store in England. For this question, the positive reaction where very outstanding. Therefore, Belgian products like waffles, chocolate, beer and fries are definitely going to be incorporated into our new concept. As you can see from the graph, 54,10% out of the 37 participants really like the idea, whereas only 2,7% say that they are not into this idea.


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