Social Media Task 1

My social media

I use about seven different social media, most of them except Pinterest and Twitter daily.

Whatsapp: I use it for communication with my friends and family, mostly at home. Since I am abroad, I noticed that not everyone uses Whatsapp from all over the world. Back at home, nearly everyone, also including my grandparents even, has it. It is I think the number one way to communicate.

Instagram: I use it to follow other people, see what they are posting. I follow people that I personally know, my friends and family. It is interesting to see what they are posting. On the other hand, I am also following celebrities and youtubers on there. There you can also see what they are posting and what they are up to. I started sharing pictures a lot more since I am abroad. When am at home, I don’t do it on a regular basis.

Snapchat: Same as Instagram, I follow people I know as well as celebrities on there. It is just a different format than Instagram, because videos and pictures as well can be shared. I think Snapchat has a more relaxed vibe than Instagram.

Facebook: I use it to see what my friends and family are doing, to see funny pictures and videos, to stay in touch with people that I know now in Gent. Facebook is the number one communication way here on my semester abroad. In comparison at home, I rarely use Facebook to communicate, but Whatsapp.

YouTube: I don’t post there myself, I only look at videos from others.

Pinterest: I do not use it frequently as all the above, however I still have an account. Mostly I use it when I intend to look for something not for everyday looking at pictures.

Twitter: This is my least favourite social media platform, that is way I hardly use it. I still have my account, because for some occasions, it can be practical or useful to have.

Source: My social media, Instagram and Facebook


Companies post a lot of adverts on my social media, especially on Facebook and Instagram. My content, my interests, my search requests are all linked to my profiles so I get offers of things which I have already been looking at recently. It also tracks my location, so when I am at home in Austria I get Austrian adverts of events, but since I’m in Belgium I get local adverts, also in Dutch very often.

The same goes for YouTube. The advertisements between and before the videos are in the language of my current location and about things that are where I am at this moment. Now, all I get is information about Belgium and advertisements in Dutch.

Social media are a big use for the companies. It is in my opinion the place where post of the young generation can be reached and influenced very easily.

By being present on social medias, companies may reach a huge target group very fast, and promote their business, their products. It also gives them a lot more recognition value and a certain image.

A huge variety of companies use social media to advert. For me, it is often the case that beauty products or fashion items are shown because that is what is part of my interest. Even though I don’t always purchase everything I see, I still notice all the adverts and maybe get inspired for something or to buy something.

Source: YouTube; advertisment in a video


Sometimes, there are no advertisements shown on the right of my Facebook page because I use an ad blocker. But as far as I know, I can give an example: When I go to Amazon and look at a variety of products, then later I will find those products that I looked at again on my Facebook page.

The advertisements aren’t always completely linked to what I look at. Sometimes, there are ads which are random and do not interest me. Most of the time, they are linked to my demographic location. I get a lot of local Belgium ads since I am studying here. At home I didn’t really notice some ads but here the stand out to me because they are in Dutch. They are focused on events in Gent and other close parts in Belgium.

Some examples:

Source: My Facebook account

Like two companies

I liked these two companies to see whether there are going to be specified adds later.

Source: My Facebook account; Adidas and H&M

Immediately after I liked Adidas and H&M pages, I got this advert from my local cinema back home, on which they invited me to also like their Facebook page. In the following days, it also happened with other companies, like Milka.


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